Go Gray or Silver with Confidence and Joy

Join Sara Sophia Eisenman for another extraordinary webinar!

Sara has inspired so many women, such as myself, to move forward towards a more authentic sense of femininity. She has the ability to empower you to feel strong in your own skin. The message that she conveys is genuine and heartfelt. Thank you, Sara!

- Jennifer, webinar participant

Sara has a wealth of knowledge on so many topics, from nutrition to neuroscience to natural beauty. But she doesn’t claim the title of ‘expert’ - that is not how she works. Rather, she represents and owns her truth, beauty and authenticity in a way that calls forth the light within others. With joy, passion and love, she guides us more closely to ourselves. And in the process, magic happens.

- Kate



  • Monday, July 13th
  • 8:30 PM EST
  • 5:30 PM PST
  • Hear Sara's incredible story about going silver and how she lives each day joyfully!
  • Learn Sara's beauty secrets and how she keeps her hair healthy and shiny
  • Discover the products Sara uses and how they contribute to her natural beauty
  • Get tips on clothing, makeup and accessories
  • Learn about nutrition and lifestyle practices that will naturally boost your beauty profile
  • Ask Sara questions about your own transitional process



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